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Campus’ Ethan Peitz – Athlete Spotlight Presented By USD261 Haysville Schools

By Hayden Swope 

Ethan Peitz, a track and field athlete at Campus High School, fell in love with the sport his freshman year. 

Now four years later, he’s ready to say goodbye as graduation is right around the corner. 

“This track and field season is most likely going to be my last,” Peitz said. “As I am sad by that, I am also excited for what it’s going to be and has been so far.”

While not having any plans to continue the love of the sport after high school, he hasn’t given up on his final season of track yet. With personal records in three of his events, javelin, disc, and shot put, Peitz is always looking to break his own records going forward. 

Still fresh into the season, Peitz is looking forward to competing again himself, while also getting to step into a leadership position that not many can handle, and he is thankful to the coaches at Campus that allow him to do that.

“I really love being in a position on my team where I can help the younger athletes and teach them the techniques they are throwing while also leading them to be the best athletes they can be,” Peitz said. 

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